Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blogs I'm Obssessed With

For the most part I don't blog as much because I'm so consumed in following so many other blogs. Here are my Top 3 Obsessions.

1. Mia from Diary of a Fatshionista

I ♥ Mia because she is so damn fancy. Her style is amazing, her ability to rock the shit out of a dress and her flawless skin and hair. She's my bff in my head. LOL

2. Brittany from Pockets and Bows

I'm pretty new to following Brittany's blog. Besides falling in love with her style she has a crazy shoe collection. She's another BFF in my head who I go over her house and steal her shoes. LOL
BTW I'm coming for these.

2. Gabi from Young, Fat and Fabulous

She needs no introduction. Ms. Gabi the inspiration to so many of us fatshionista's. I've been an admirer of hers for a long time and I am so happy for all her success. She truly deserves it. If you don't know who she is or what she is about look her up! One fly young lady! Check out her cover of Black Enterprise. #TeamGabi!!!


Alissa 12/29/2010 10:56 PM  

Yes, I love Mia's style.It's so cute, fun, and girlie. Her makeup is amazing.

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