Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Week of OTD via my Blackberry

My camera is out of service...Well not the camera but I need a new battery. Sucks! So my outfit posts are via my BlackBerry in the bathroom at work until the new one comes from Ebay. I am trying to get to a point where I can post more, but I am always so busy. I promise to keep up. So here I present Outfit of The Day Camera in the Mirror BBM Pose. LOL!


Monica Whitney 7/01/2011 12:41 PM  

Love the blazers!
Ask the Duplex

Erin 7/02/2011 7:20 PM  

Gorgeous! I love the blazer over the stripes! Really pretty!


Erin @

elizabeth s. 7/03/2011 6:37 PM  

Love the blazer! Very chic!



Inez of Style Chic....360 7/05/2011 1:06 PM  

Love blazer. All the looks are super cute!

Pushing The Cutting Edge 7/07/2011 8:54 PM  

Big Hugs and Thank Ladies!!

Natalie Leung 7/08/2011 8:39 AM  

great photos, you've really put together a great collection of styles, especially with that blazer and chiffon shirt :)


Pushing The Cutting Edge 7/14/2011 7:32 PM  

Thank you Natalie!! I am a biggg fan of your blog! You are gorgeous!

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