Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Ombre

My favorite motto is "Why pay someone when you can do it yourself". I was inspired by Keke Palmer's hair at the 2011 BET Awards. Now I was not ready for the big price tag that came with professional coloring. So I did it myself. And who doesn't love a little DIY when it comes to beauty?

My Inspiration

My Result



What do you guys think?


LaToya 7/14/2011 9:26 PM  

AMAZING JOB!!! Your hair looks sooo good!

MizFachion 7/15/2011 12:21 PM  

Too cute! Great job!

Sara 7/16/2011 8:24 AM  

Great blog! :)

If you like my blog, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

Kali Nicole 7/17/2011 8:55 AM  

That looks GREAT!!!

Pushing The Cutting Edge 7/18/2011 4:22 PM  

Thanks ladies! I'm happy with it so far. I was dreading that scene from "What's Love Got to Do With It" when the little girl was perming Tina's hair and it was falling out in clumps. LOL Thank God

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